Central New York Heartbeat Poll: Summertime Events

What local summertime events are you looking forward to the most?

The 2015 New York State Jazz and Wine Festival. Michael Davis photo

The M&T Syracuse Jazz Fest, in its 35th year, wrapped up over the weekend to another successful edition. The Taste of Syracuse was also a hit at the beginning of June, setting an attendance record of over 225,000 patrons. Those events set the bar high for the rest the summertime events Central New York has to offer, and we want to know what you’re looking forward to the most!

This survey is now closed. Thank you for participating, and check back on Wednesday, June 21, for the results and for another CNY Heartbeat poll.

Here are the results of last week’s poll, which asked: Do you agree with President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord?


“He is clueless and ignorant about the benefits of collaboration with others to achieve a goal. It damages our relationships with other nations, and we lose the strength of working together on global warming, which affects ALL inhabitants of this earth.”

“A lot of information about climate change is false or wrong. Climate change is happening naturally, however man is certainly no helping! Plus the U.S. will end up paying for most of the work, while China and other polluters skim along not sharing the equal money distribution, and the U.S. gets to pay the lion’s share about other subjects!!”

“Trump is burying his head in the sand and ignoring the science. He’s being selfish by not doing what’s good for the world overall. Climate change is real and the U.S. should be leading the charge to implement more clean, renewable energy.”

“We are, have been and will continue to regulate our emissions and develop clean energy. No need to waste our tax dollars on something of little benefit. We don’t need an agreement to tell us to be good stewards of Earth! The Earth has and always will go through cycles; there will be changes in our climate. I think the real debate is how much is man-made, and we need to be mindful of what we do put into our environment, water and soil!”

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