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Snapchat, Dr. Dre and Neo-Nazi’s oh my!

Here are some tidbits and other randoms that have been interrupting the Twitter feed.

Snapchat is Caught with Pants Down

snapchatSnapchat reveals that all those pictures were “never really deleted.” [Thousands shit their pants.] Yet another example of “Duh, if it goes on the web, it’s there forever.” #whenwilltheyeverlearn

“An Instragram Filter for Your Face”

Though reading that headline wrong can result in a drop in self-esteem, never fear: the company Tens has come out with a pair of sunglasses that enhance color and make everything look like it’s an Instagram photo. It appears rose-colored glasses have met their modern-day counterpart.

Twitter on Mute

twitter-iconTwitter recently rolled out a “mute button” for those “I really don’t want to listen to that person’s stupid sh*t anymore but I’m afraid they will kill my whole family if they see I unfollowed them” moments. Incidentally, my retweets are down.

Apple to Buy Beats from Dr. Dre?

As soon as the rumors hit, Apple lost $5 billion in market share since “Steve (Jobs) would never have done it.” That is assuming it’s going to be done. The deal apparently would make Dre “the first rap billionaire,” according to the good doctor.

Analysts have weighed the benefit of Apple actually buying another company to the reasons why they didn’t come up with their own tech in the first place. Conjecture circles around new(ish) CEO Tim Cook wanting to connect with the younger crowd (um – have you seen a teenager without an iPhone lately?).

Beats would be an effort for Apple to cut into the Spotify/Pandora battle that is cutting into its iTunes pie. No pun intended. (Apple “pie.” #thewholeworldlaughs)

Neo-Nazis “Like Attacked”

A German movement against the Neo-Nazi group NPD recently organized a worldwide “like attack” on their social media presence. Starting on the anniversary of the Holocaust, over 100,000 protestors “attacked” their Facebook page with love: liking the page and sharing anti-racism pictures, befuddling the group which promised to kill everyone who participated when they came to power. Yeah, that’s going to happen.

New Batman Suit Revealed

What about the buttons and cufflinks, Batman?Zach Snyder’s Twitter blew up when he Tweeted pictures of the new caped crusader and Batmobile. Religious fans attest that the suit is right off one rendition of the comics, noting it seems he’s sporting a “scruffy look” under the mask and is going to be a lot buffer than Christian Bale’s Dark Knight. The downside: we will have to wait another two years to find out if it’s going to be cool onscreen or not. Read Mark Bialczak’s FILM ARTICLE about the new Batman suit.


Somebody’s Else’s Favorite Tech

In three tweets:

“Anything that gets rid of the ten pounds of baby weight; Poe the Gnome, because he’s cute; and Internet Marketing – “because anyone with a passion and some knowledge can bring that passion to life.” – a loosely quoted yet awesome Becky Guiles, @BoundlessMedia1

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Joe Cunningham

A former Internet Marketing Manager, Joe Cunningham is a screenwriter, playwright and all-around adventurer. He blogs for Kinani Blue, charms Google at Terakeet and enjoys running through the city. You can follow him on Twitter at @IndianaJoe77 or he can be reached at [email protected].





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