What about the buttons and cufflinks, Batman?

What is batman wearing?

I know, Batman fans would lock me in the Batcave and throw away the key for cracking a line like the headline above.

But, still.

There is quite the breathless tone to the fact that the big reveal has come forth for just what Ben Affleck will be wearing when he’s not Bruce Wayne in the next version of the exploits of the Dark Knight.

This I take from the story by Eric Eisenberg from my increasingly good friends at the site Cinema Blend:

“From the moment we learned that Warner Bros. and DC Comics were planning on moving forward with a new big screen version of Batman, comic book fans have been speculating wildly about what the latest version of the costumed vigilante would look like.”

Producer Zack Snyder gave a sneak preview of what Batman will look like when 2016’s “Batman vs. Superman” comes out. He released some shots on his Twitter account.

Reporter Eisenberg was impressed.


“Finally we have our answer, and it’s pretty stunning,” he writes.

There are shots of the cowl and the logo. It looks very dark and sinister to me.

Emma catches Woody’s eye, and that’s all we know about it


Woody Allen likes to work with actors he, well, likes to work with.

Add Emma Stone to the list of multiple-film actresses that includes such notable names as Dianne Wiest and Scarlett Johansson, according to the Variety story breaking this news.

We might want to throw in Diane Keaton. You remember “Annie Hall” and all the hat-wearing it started? And Muriel Hemingway and Louise Lasser. Less not we forget Mia Farrow and that alarming romantic ball of wax that melted into Allen’s marriage to her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn.


Young lady Stone is having a pretty darn good spring so far as the romantic interest in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

Already in the can is her first collaboration with writer, producer and director Allen, “Magic in the Moonlght,” which will be released later this year.

Of course the connection can’t hurt career-wise. Cate Blanchett just won the Oscar for best actress in Allen’s last released film, “Blue Jasmine.”

Plus, the only other announced actor for the as-yet-untitled Allen film ain’t too shabby himself. That would be Joaquin Phoenix.

Everything else about the upcoming Allen film is hush-hush, according to Screen Rant.



Woody Allen’s 15 Most Memorable Actresses?




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