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Editor Larry Dietrich looks at New York Skies

One of the most popular subjects covered by the New Times hasn’t yet made it into print.

It’s also one that generates passionate opinions. When publisher Bill Brod started a video blog a few weeks back, the first questions were about our UFO blog, New York Skies. One called it ridiculous; the other wanted more of it.

You can find New York Skies HERE.

One thing that makes it different, and a reason it remains online and not in print, is the its broad geographic reach. People around the world who have an interest in UFOs have found it online and are regular readers; it’s among our most viewed content.

The writer, Cheryl Costa, will speak in February at the International UFO Congress, near Phoenix, Ariz. The event website calls it the premier event of the year for UFO researchers, enthusiasts and the people with an interest in mysterious phenomena. This is its 24th anniversary.

When I was a boy, I was for a time engrossed by books about UFOs by Frank Edwards. Now, I suppose, I’m a UFO skeptic. That should come as no surprise: Journalists are skeptical about nearly everything. Common sense tells me that if aliens visited Earth, they wouldn’t lurk for years without announcing themselves. When I drive five hours to Providence to see the in-laws, I don’t park on the street and look at the house. After the trip, I want to get on with what I came for. I imagine it would be the same if I had just finished crossing the galaxy.

So, will New York Skies make it to the print pages of the New Times? I remain undecided. It’s a popular blog, but it seems to have found its audience online. And I’m reluctant to squeeze out other content to make room for it.

But the congress is a creation of Open Minds Productions. Keep an open mind, and you never know.

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LaLarryrry Dietrich is the editor-in-chief at the Syracuse New Times.






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