Talk Back with the Publisher

Publisher Bill Brod responds to your questions

The Syracuse New Times has served the greater Central New York community for over 45 years. Recently, we’ve re-designed the newspaper and the website to better serve our readers.

New Times publisher Bill Brod is reaching out to get your firsthand feedback, ideas and suggestions – and he responds in a video blog.

Questions 1 + 2:

1. I would seriously suggest that you eliminate the ridiculous UFO nonsense. I’m not a believer.

– Ethan

2. You have a really great, UFO column on your web edition. Are you ever going to put it in the actual newspaper?

– Charmaine


Question 3:

I’m interested in writing a small column on interesting people from the community, I’m a professional social service interviewer.

– Kathryn


Question 4:

I would like to propose a series of interviews with local bartenders, restauranteurs, and chefs. I have several years experience in the food and beverage industry and would like to see the New Times reach out on a weekly basis to our local businesses who keep us fed and happy.



Question 5:

I have been a fan of the SNT for many years. My question to you Mr Brod is, how long have you been the owner and what did you do previously?

– Tim


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