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Mensa Reject of the Week

Adam Hirtle, 30, told police in Colorado Springs, Colo., that he removed his boot and shot himself in the foot on purpose because he wanted to see how it felt. After satisfying his curiosity, he “placed his boot back on his foot and then intentionally shot himself in the foot” a second time, police said. (The Denver Post)

Litigation Nation

James Brickman filed a lawsuit against Fitbit, claiming that his wrist-worn Fitbit Flex “consistently overestimated sleep by 67 minutes per night.” The suit, filed in a San Francisco federal court, accused the company of misleading consumers by touting that its gadgets present “exact” sleep data.

“Thinking you are sleeping up to 67 minutes more than you actually are can obviously cause health consequences, especially over the long term,” the lawsuit states. Fitbit insisted the suit has no merit, pointing out, “Fitbit trackers are not intended to be scientific or medical devices, but are designed (to help users) reach their health and fitness goals.” (Britain’s Daily Mail)

Corpse Follies

Melanie Nash, 53, admitted smashing the concrete vault that held her father’s corpse, along with three other people, and rifling through the casket in search of his “real will” because she felt she hadn’t received her proper inheritance. Instead, she found only vodka and cigarettes. Police in Colebrook, N.H., discovered the crime the next day when a patrolman reported “the gravesite of Eddie Nash did not look right.” Judge Peter Bornstein said when he sentenced Nash to 1-1/2 to three years in prison, “That is the understatement of the century.” (Associated Press)

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