Dining in the Snow

If you anger people coming into downtown, they will stop coming into downtown

Kudos to the many restaurants participating in the Downtown Dining Weeks. Despite the fact that February was the most extreme weather month in history, the venues had such success that they extended their Dining Week specials for an extra week.  Thumbs down to those public works supervisors who attempted a major snow removal operation on a Friday night during Dining Week. Employees towed cars away at the expense of those diners seeking to enjoy some of the best culinary options Syracuse has to offer, then try to justify their actions as good government service. Wake Up! If you anger people coming into downtown, they will stop coming into downtown, and then merchants will go away. Duh.

We report in this issue another stellar Syracuse M&T Jazz Fest coming to Syracuse with a great lineup of performers. Our staff and 25,000 or so fans look forward to another great musical showcase on the campus of Onondaga Community College. Who knows, maybe next year there will be a new amphitheater on the lake?

Congratulations to all the Sammy Award winners.  Check out Russ Tarby’s story on the history of the event, from its founding more than 20 years ago by Frank Malfitano to today. We have a great music scene here and the Syracuse New Times is proud to have covered it for the past 46 years.

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billWilliam Brod is the publisher of the Syracuse New Times.


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