Welcome to 2015

We wanted to open up some space in print for content that we had been able to provide only online

Welcome to 2015.

It’s a new year, and there are some things in this week’s issue that are worth mentioning.

First, the Campbell Conversation is back this week. The interview is with John Katko, who is starting his term in the House of Representatives.

Last month, we decided to run the interviews once a month instead of weekly. We received some feedback from unhappy people who said the interviews were go-to reading each week. We’re very happy to have the Campbell Conversation back in the New Times this week, and you find it in each month’s first issue as the year unfolds.

When we decided to reduce the frequency of publication for the conversation, we said we wanted to open up some space in print for content that we had been able to provide only online. There are two examples of that in this issue.

Micha Crook has been writing about the music scene in town for a while, but her stories have been largely limited to online. This week we print her report on one of the last concerts of the autumn, and we think this will give you a taste for her coverage. It’s can be found HERE. We want to broaden our coverage of local music as we move into 2015; we have more planned, and I’ll tell you about it as we roll it out.

You’ll also find television coverage from Sarah Hope. She has been a terrific critic, and it’s our failure that we’ve been unable to get her observations into print often enough. That has started to change; Hope provided some retrospectives on 2014 in the past two weeks. This week, she looks at the classic comedy series Friends, which Netflix made available for streaming this year. You can find her insight HERE.

LarryLarry Dietrich is the editor-in-chief of the Syracuse New Times.






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