Traveling for Politics: Would you head out of town to support an ideology?


President Donald Trump headed to Central New York on Monday to support the re-election of Claudia Tenney (R.-NY) as representative of the state’s 22nd District. Landing at Griffiss International Airport in Rome ahead of the Utica-based fundraiser, the president was greeted by a cheering crowd of more than 200 supporters, the Utica Observer-Dispatch estimated. The local paper called the visit “a moment in area history,” as the last sitting president to head there was Harry Truman in 1948.

More flocked in Utica’s downtown area – less than an hour’s drive from Syracuse – where both Trump fans and protesters set up shop across the street from each other. WKTV said hundreds “from throughout New York State” turned out for the displays.

We want to know: How likely would it be for you to travel to support or defy a political movement? Take our survey below.

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Here are the results to last week’s poll, which gauged the temperature on the new Christopher Robin movie:


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