Tech Roundup

A few things going on in tech.


A new Twitter trend, much like the #IceBucketChallenge, just less wet and charity-ish. Participants post a photo from a movie that speaks to them and nominate three “@friends” to do the same. See what I posted after fellow New Times writer, Chris Malone called me out.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.54.10 AMAn iPad on Paper?

Not really. Moleskin created a Livescribe Notebook that syncs what you are doodling to a digital device using a smartpen, making all your mindscapes instantly save-able and shareable online.

Launch Date Announced for Local Social Media Company

cropped-bb-graphic-21Brazzlebox, featured here in an exclusive Syracuse New Times interview, recently announced that it is launching nationally this September 18th. After much hard work and beta-testing the network that fills the void for local businesses is almost here. Check out their website for real time updates.

Bigger iPad

They’ve gone mini, now it’s time to “Tom Hanks it” and get Big. With talks of a bigger i6 screen for disgruntled iPhone users, the time is coming when the pad will rival your home theater system as well making marketing presentations and pick up Frisbee games more of an easier thing.

iPhone 6 Release Date

…has not been announced. Yet. Apple’s September 9th event is rumored to be the day. They love to change patterns to shake everybody up, an ingenious marketing gag.

The new phone is rumored to be bigger, more expensive, more durable, and “that’s what she said!”

Feds Report Heavy Cyber Attacks

The FBI and CIA are investigating a series of online attacks against several U.S. banks including JP Morgan in the past few weeks that are much greater than the capacity of a normal hacker. Security institutions speculate political motives, citing U.S. activity in the Middle East.

JP Morgan reports no information stolen, spending $250 million a year on security with a thousand tech team on the job.

This new world attack echoes the third Nolan Batman stock market heist, but is all done in the cybersphere.

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