SALT Award Winners 2013

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Central New York has a long history of being an epicenter of theatrical activity. Dating to the Syracuse-born-and-raised Shubert Brothers and their connection to Broadway, Syracuse and the surrounding region continues to take our theater seriously.

The SALT (Syracuse Area Live Theatre) Awards are getting a shake up as we enter the 10th season of recognizing the talents of Central New York thespians. In August, the Syracuse New Times consulted with area theater producers to help re-envision the awards and to create a new process by which the nominations and winners are selected each year. We’ve worked to align the SALT Awards as closely as possible to the Tony Award system and will continue to work to make the SALT Awards transparent, fair and fun!
– We’ve changed the dates.
The new SALT Season runs from September to August, with a SALT Awards ceremony to be produced each fall. We are in the 2013-14 season.

– There is no longer a “Summer Season” category.
The shows that were included in this category  will be part of the general season lineup in the professional category.

– The People’s Choice Award will be replaced by an “MVP Award” selected by each theater company.
This will allow each company to recognize their own “most valuable person” each season.

The “Critics Circle” Award is being established so that CNY theater critics will be able to recognize individuals, shows and companies they deem worthy.

New Nomination Process.
The new SALT Academy members themselves will nominate in each category as the year unfolds. A ballot will be used at each show that academy members attend. Academy members will rate 1 through 5 for each category (1 being the lowest rating, 5 being the highest). These ratings will be tallied, and the three highest ratings in each category will receive the nomination for that season’s awards. At the end of each season, once the nominations have been tallied, Salt Academy members will be asked to vote for the winners. An outside firm will handle the the task of tallying and reporting on nominees and winners.

The new SALT Academy consists of 21 members. SALT Academy members will serve two-year, rotating terms with 10 members replaced through an application process each year.

We are pleased to announce the new SALT Academy Members for 2013 – 14:
Barbara Bova, Hope Mancini, Mark Re, Nancy Pasquale, Pat Marzola, Rita Worlock, Lorraine Grande, John LaCasse, Patrick Pedro, Korrie Taylor, Stefan Berg, Jimmy Curtin, Marcia Mele, Liz Russell, Pat Russell, Deborah Pearson, Justin Polly, Sally O’Herin, Glen Barnes, Tamaralee Shutt, Anne Fitzgerald.

The winners listed below were selected using the old system and former academy.


(January – August 2013)

Professional Theatre

Play of the Year:
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Syracuse Stage

Director of the Year:
Bill Fennelly, Syracuse Stage, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Actress of the Year:
Laura Austin, Redhouse, Wit

Actor of the Year:
Adam Perabo, Redhouse, Wit

Community Theatre

Musical of the Year:
Suds, The Rocking 80′s Musical Soap Opera, The Talent Company

Leading Actress in a Musical:
Amanda Funiciello, Suds, The Talent Company

Leading Actor in a Musical:
Peter Irwin, Falsettos, Rarely Done Productions

Supporting Actress in a Musical:
Jodi Baum, Rent, Covey Theatre Company

Supporting Actor in a Musical:
Dana Sovocool, Falsettos, Rarely Done Productions

Director of the Year (Musical):
Shawn Forster, Suds, The Talent Company

Musical Director of the Year:
Josh Smith, Suds, The Talent Company

Play of the Year:
Cooking with the Calamari Sisters, The Talent Company

Leading Actress in a Play:
Jodi Bova-Mele, Proof, Covey Theatre Company

Leading Actor in a Play:
Ty Marshal, Lost in Yonkers, Appleseed Productions

Supporting Actress in a Play:
Marcia Mele, Lost in Yonkers, Appleseed Productions

Supporting Actor in a Play:
Ethan Zoeckler, Lost in Yonkers, Appleseed Productions

Director of the Year (Play):
Garrett Heater, Proof, Covey Theatre Company

Summer Season

Production of the Season:
Cats, Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival/Merry-Go-Round

Actress of the Season:
Taylor Dayne, Cats, Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival/Merry-Go-Round

Actor of the Season:
John Bixler, Macbeth, Redhouse

Awards Open to All

Best Original New Production:
Neurosis, a New Musical, Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival/Merry-Go-Round

Non-Performing Person of the Year:
Jennifer Reilly, The Talent Company

Jodi-Bova-Mele, Debbie Does Dallas, the Musical, Rarely Done Productions

Jeanette Reyner, Suds, The Talent Company

Lifetime Achievement (Currently Active):
Karen Procopio

Hall of Fame (No Longer Active):
Lucille Markson



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