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Poopy Poopers

Days before Germany’s new interior ministry headquarters opened in Berlin, authorities reported that someone broke in and stole all the toilet seats, faucets and toilet-paper holders. The thefts occurred two months after burglars stole all the faucets from the new intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) headquarters. (Britain’s The Telegraph)

Punctuation Heroics

Andrea Cammelleri had her pickup truck ticketed and towed from in front of her home in West Jefferson, Ohio, because she parked it on the street for more than the allowed 24 hours. She protested after her boyfriend pointed out that the ordinance about parking time limits applies to “motor vehicle camper,” not a motor vehicle and a camper, because there’s no comma between them. An appeals judge agreed the ordinance should be read as it’s written and ordered the city to reimburse her for towing and legal fees. “I was told, ‘Don’t fight City Hall,’ I’d never win,” Cammelleri said. “I did.” (Columbus’ WTTE-TV)

Ablution Solution

Azerbaijan’s Naftalan Heath Center now offers oil baths, which the spa’s doctor insisted cures up to 70 ailments. “Naftalan kills everything: viruses, bacteria and fungi. Its consistency is unique and pure. It does not contain any dirt,” Dr. Hashim Hashimov said, adding that customers are allowed only 10 minutes in the tub before scraping down and showering off the sticky substance, which is then used for the next customer. “Usually we lose some material on each person, and every time we add material for each person. But to dump the whole thing is impossible, as the material is expensive.” (International Business Times)

When Guns Are Outlawed

Police arrested twin brothers Michael and James Remelius, 52, for throwing “deadly” bricks at each other during an argument in Orange City, Fla. According to the police report, Michael’s brick hit James in the leg, causing a small cut, while James’s brick hit Michael in the right eye, causing bleeding and swelling. (Daytona Beach News-Journal)

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