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Curses, Foiled Again

British police recovered a stolen car in Middleton when the two suspects tried driving it into the police station parking garage. Surveillance footage shows the men, ages 25 and 26, thwarted by the security gate but unable to back up because two police vans were waiting behind them. Thinking the vans were pursuing them, the men fled on foot, Detective Inspector Lee Hopwood said, but officers tracked them down. (Britain’s Manchester Evening News)


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Drone On

Officials called off a scoreless soccer match between Serbia and Albania in the 41st minute after a drone flew into Belgrade’s Partizan Stadium carrying a flag symbolizing the extension of Albania’s territory to wherever ethnic Albanians live. Albanian fans had been banned from attending the qualifying match between the two Balkan rivals, resulting in an overwhelmingly pro-Serbian crowd of 32,000 who regarded the flag as an insult. Serbian defender Stefan Mitrovic pulled down the flag, but when several Albanian players tried to take it away, a melee involving numerous players ensued. Some spectators threw objects, including flares, from the stands, and several ran onto the playing field to join the brawl. Serbs accused Olsi Rama, the brother of Albania’s prime minister and one of a handful of Albanians permitted to view the match, of controlling the drone, but Serbian authorities were unable to find the drone’s controller to confirm their suspicion. (CNN)

Second-Amendment Follies

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a law allowing state residents without concealed-weapons permits to carry their firearms for 48 hours during an emergency evacuation. Supporters of the measure said that guns left at home risked being taken by looters, while opponents argued that evacuations were already high-stress situations without adding guns, which could make public shelters more dangerous. (Reuters)

Poopy Poopers

Newcomers to rural Loudon County, Va., are causing sanitation problems by not tending to their septic systems or not knowing that the systems need to be cleaned out regularly. “Let’s just say there are folks from Eastern Loudon that had, say, lived in suburbia their entire lives, had been on public water and sewer their entire lives, they move out to some beautiful little hamlet. . . and all they really know when they buy their house out here is, ‘Cool, well and septic, no water bill,’” Algonkian District Supervisor Suzanne Volpe said. “Most of them don’t realize that there’s a problem until the kids come in from the backyard and go, ‘The ground’s all muddy back there, Mom, and it smells funny,’ and by that point they have a serious problem.” (Washington’s WTOP Radio)

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