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A weekly note from Larry Dietrich, our Editor in Chief

I like what’s in the New Times every week. I like it a lot.

Of course, I’m biased.

But in the interests of serving our readers, I want to suggest you check out our website.

I call your attention to this because it every week there’s interesting material available online that we’d put in the paper, if only there were room.


New York Skies. These are blog posts by Cheryl Costa about UFO sightings in New York. There are a lot of sightings. We added Costa’s blog as uniquely online copy; we’ve never published it in the paper. But we’ve thought about it, because it is regularly among the most popular features online.

Sara Hope’s television coverage. Hope’s work is often in the paper, but not enough. She has been quite a find. She’s one of the best local critics I’ve read. Her coverage is broad, and thoughtful. Her writing is engaging, and it has a voice. This week she’s in print, too, so you can see what I mean on page xx.

Mark Bialczak’s film coverage. Bialczak was a colleague of mine at the downtown paper, but he covered music, not film. He leapt at a chance to tackle a new medium for the New Times. I don’t often hear from readers about particular writers — usually, it’s about the content of the articles — but I do hear from people who like his reviews.

Micha L. Crook. We added Crook in an attempt to broaden our music coverage, and we started her online. She writes about music in the clubs around town.

Chris Malone. Malone focuses on issues of particular interest to adults who have yet to settle in to a life burdened by mortgages and children and minivans. His posts are personal and colorful and inventive.

They’re all strong contributors, and with a New Times vibe. Check them out.


LarryLarry Dietrich is the Editor in Chief of the Syracuse New Times.






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