A Night of Fun and Celebration with Tommy Connors

Just a man and his guitar

What makes a great night out?

I believe what makes a perfect evening out is a balanced equation of certain variables. To me, those things are; the right place, with the right people, with the right music and for the best reason of all, to enjoy one’s self and have fun. All those elements fell perfectly into synchronistic balance on Thursday, April 17th, when Tommy Connors played at Armory Square favorite, Kitty Hoynes.

It was a breezy spring evening and the warm interior and friendly atmosphere of Kitty Hoynes was the perfect location to hear the rock tenor voice of Tommy Connors. Connors is also known for playing guitar in in the band, Seeking Homer, was performing a solo acoustic set.

Just a man and his guitar, the night of music started early, around 8:00pm. The bar area filled with revelers and the supper crowd from the adjacent dining area started to linger, looking to join in on the fun. Playing a collection of standards of well-known pop favorites including; Tommy Petty’s American Girl, David Grey’s Babylon, The Gin Blossoms’s Hey Jealousy, The Goo Goo Dolls’s Slide, Don Henley’s Boys of Summer, The Counting Crows’s Mr. Jones, Connors had the crowd on their feet and singing along. Everyone was enjoying themselves and one particular audience member was having the time of his life. Tommy Connors’s own nephew, Callum Roberts, celebrated his 8th birthday that night while visiting from South Carolina, showing his best “rock moves”, dancing with abandoned enthusiasm we all wish we were brave enough to still have.

To ensure a great Thursday night out, enjoying the company of a relaxed and friendly crowd and the talents of a fantastic musician giving you his best, make sure you check out Tommy Connors at Kitty Hoynes every Thursday evening throughout the month of May.

  • When not promoting his solo work, Tommy Connors can be found playing guitar in indie band, Seeking Homer.
  • His performing career was started by Sr. Donna Marie, who had him accompanying mass at 6:30am, daily!
  • Self-described as “living in more places than an Army brat”, he proudly calls CNY his home.
  • Tommy Connors solo release, Habitual Line Stepper, is out now and can be purchase through the website


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