5 Outrageous Music Collectibles You Can Find on ebay

From Michael Jackson to Elvis

Outrageous? Probably not. But, there are definitely some unique listings at the one stop internet shop for everything. The eBay selections below are curated on loose criteria: the item itself, the price tag (highest to lowest), unique notes from the seller, or “that’s too easy to pass up.” Click on the title or the picture to see the full listing.


#1) This Michael Jackson Domain Name

$_12(You Know You Want It)

Price: $3,000,000

For a mere three million dollars you can be the “winner” of This “once in a lifetime opportunity” is being offered by an eBay seller from Summit Hill, Pennsylvania who claims the website domain has been “appraised at $30 million” – you can’t “Beat It.”








#2) Holy Grail Partridge Family Screen Gems Records

DSC03427Price: $1,000,000

If you’re a Partridge Family fan (I Think I Love You?) you’ve stumbled upon the “Holy Grail” of Partridge Family collectibles.  These Screen Gems record sets “produced by and for Screen Gems and used in the actual production of “The Partridge Family'” are being offered by a rock band with a reality show (in development) starring Shirley Jones. They need the cool million to “purchase a very special very destroyed and very infamous house to renovate and shoot another pilot.”





#3) Jesus Art. Jesus Tries to Cheer up Paul McCartney – Using a Lambchop Puppet

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 4.23.32 PMPrice: $257,000

This is a long listing to go along with a very long title for this piece of art depicting Jesus and Paul McCartney. One might say it is the “Title That Never Ends.” Yes, it goes on and on my friends. Title: Jesus Broke Out the Lambchop Puppet and Hired an Angel to try and Cheer Up a Clinically Depressed Paul McCartney.








#4) 2 Kurt Cobain Autographed Polaroid Photos

$_57Price: $93,000

This listing includes two polaroid photos, signed by Kurt Cobain. In the photo, he’s with some lady that the seller has no information [About A Girl] , but you could tell people it’s your aunt or your sister if you really wanted to. Apparently there are some “big Nirvana collectors that know” the seller has these, so “Come As You Are.” The real question is: Does it come in a “Heart Shaped Box?”





#5) Authentic Elvis Presley’s PERSONAL “TCB” Lightning Bolt Sunglasses

$_12-1Price: $37,500

These sunglasses, worn by the king himself, come in a “elegant glass case” and includes a letter of authenticity from Elvis’s personal optician. For only $37,500 you can be “TCB” (that’s “Taking Care of Business”) just like the King. Uh huh. Uh huh. Thank you very much.









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