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UFO 2001: The Boomerang-Shaped Craft

Columnist Cheryl Costa shares the tale of two UFO sightings and one boomerang-shaped Craft.

Here’s a unique dual sighting of a boomerang-shaped craft.

It was June 2 in 2001. A Long Island family was seated in a private eight-person jet that had just left an air strip in Teataboro, NJ. Thomas, his wife Julie, their two preschool children and some friends were bound for Martha’s Vineyard. Thomas told us it was about 6:45 p.m. when the aircraft came out of a cloud bank, perhaps six or seven minutes after takeoff. A friend of his was seated in front of Thomas, suddenly he was pointing at the right wing and called out “What the *$#@ is that?”

“I looked out of my window and behind us on the right side of the plan was this large, rusty red boomerang0-shaped craft silhouetted against the bright blue sky, positioned above a storm,” Thomas said.

He described the boomerang-shaped craft as having no windows or lights and was about the size of a Boeing 747. He also pointed out that the craft appeared to hover in place for several seconds before the passengers lost sight of it.

“My 5-year-old daughter also caught a glimpse of the boomerang-shaped craft as well,” he said.

Thomas explained the reddish-orange color of the craft struck all of the observers as odd. They lost sight of the craft in the heavy cloud banks.

Meanwhile, over in Wayne, NJ, a motorist and her daughter witnessed the same craft.  From her perspective, she described the boomerang-shaped craft as black, with no lights of any kind. She tells us that the boomerang shaped craft appeared to be about 1000 feet in altitude and just hovering. She tells us that the two of them watched the boomerang shaped craft for perhaps eight minutes and even observed it rotate one time then stop.

“Then it started to rise. It kind of turned one side towards the sky and ascended rather fast,” he said.

Let’s look at some recent UFO sightings in New York Skies:

  • May 22, 2015: at about 11 p.m., a Middle Island, NY couple witnessed a glowing disk-shaped object moving across the sky. They describe it as having an orange glow.
  • May 22, 2015: at about 11:30 p.m., a Webster, NY resident was out walking his dog. Suddenly, he observed a V-shaped cluster of red-orange fireball objects traveling west to east over Monroe County.
  • May 23, 2015: at about 3 a.m., an Auburn, NY resident reported observing an aircraft with flashing lights heading in a northeast direction towards Syracuse. Approximately four seconds after the aircraft plane passed by, he watch a round light, moving in the same direction as the plane but slower with no flashing lights.
  • May 24, 2015: at about 9 p.m., a Utica, NY resident saw a bright orange ball of light moving roughly south to north. The fireball suddenly changed course and started moving east. A few minutes later, another orange fireball appeared. He reported a total of four orange fireballs during his observation period.

If you are interested in joining a monthly UFO discussion group in Onondaga County area, drop Cheryl an email [email protected] If you have a UFO sighting to report, you can use either one of the two national database services: or — Both services respect confidentiality.

Cheryl Costa would love to hear the when, where and what of your New York sighting. Email it to [email protected]. The names of witnesses will be omitted to protect their privacy.

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