Inevitable Coffee Ring

The Espresso Shot (#006)

Time to enjoy the scenery

Sometimes hitting the pause button isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes taking a step back and not writing a thousand words isn’t going to do the trick. Even writing 500 words isn’t going to offer effective content as well. But is silence truly ever golden?

Just Say Shhh

It’s seemingly more fitting today to just walk outside, throw on your sunglasses, and kick your feet up while enjoying the cup of coffee or tea (or soda … yes, there are a lot of you who enjoy that concoction to kick start your day). Just sit back and relax. Meditate with your eyes closed, or even open. You’re allowed to cue the iPod. But play something nice, something you’re not used to.

image[11]Explosions in the Sky perhaps?

Oh, I’ll stop talking. Time to enjoy the scenery so familiar, near and dear. Plus, you don’t know who you’ll  run into, like Central New York writer personalities such as Mr. Jim McKeever.

The Inevitable Coffee Ring

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