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Brother Twin’s new EP ‘Really Though’ goes full length

Brother Twin

If you’re one of the few who isn’t crazy about the traditional celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day then head to The Lost Horizon for an alternative punk rock show with local band Brother Twin.

Brother Twin, formed in September 2014, has been busy playing and creating new music to tempt and tease the dark and twisted misanthropy growling deep down inside each of us – clawing its way out with loud and raging rhythms.

Band members are Bryan on drums, Kosovo on bass and Keith on guitar. Their self-described sound is a mingling of “noisy punk rock with elements of pop and shoegaze” with strong influences of classic American punk rock like; Minor Threat, The Replacements, Teenage Fanclub, The Descendents, Black Flag, Husker Du and what Sigmund Freud would classify as man’s struggle to understand the shadowy side of our personality through the study of the occult and the dark arts.

This band’s flurry of activity is already giving way to prolific song writing and recording.

Listen to Solomon’s Key:

Recorded and mixed at S&S Studios with Gabe Solomon and Josh Swagler, they completed their first EP Really Though, in December 2014. Its first song to be released, Solomon’s Key, will coincide with the St. Patrick’s Day show at the Lost Horizon.

As for the future, Brother Twin will be back in the studio starting in April to continue recording and expanding the EP to a full length album. The band will also be embarking on an active touring schedule after the album is complete. To find out more about the new EP Really Though and the progression of the full length album, follow them at their website.

You can also purchase their new single, Solomon’s Key there as well.  WEBSITE

For tickets to the March 17 all ages show at the Lost Horizon that will also feature; The Menzingers, The Afro Nips and Department, got to The Lost Horizon’s website or purchase tickets at the door.

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