Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New Rap

No, Vanilla Ice is not back for an encore

The original fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles already are howling long and hard about how their childhood memories are ruined by the new version.

Ya know, 1991 was ages ago.

Among the complaints, writes Ben Kedrick for Screen Rant, are:

Megan Fox playing Turtle pal April O’Neil.

Johnny Knoxville providing the voice of Leonardo.

The Turtles having nostrils.

The Turtles having a different story of origin.

And now. Oh my gosh. There’s a new rap song coming out. Vanilla Ice circa 1991 will give way to an ensemble of Juicy Jm Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign (featuring Kill the Noise & Madsonik). It’s titled “Shell Shocked.” No stretch there.

Writes Kedrick: “Despite some eye-rolling lyrics, the song should serve as a catchy credits track — as well as background music in the final run of TMNT trailers.”

It’s set for release on Aug. 8.



You better be bigger than life, dude

There’s a guy in Hollywood who probably should be way more famous than he is.

In fact, this man his played Batman, Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern and James Bond.

And I bet you’ve never even heard of him.

Bobby Holland Hanton

Bobby Holland Hanton.

Impossible, you say?

Meet stunt man Bobby Holland Hanton.

Writes reporter Kristy Puchko for Cinema Blend: “… this British gymnast has lived the fantasies of countless fanboys.”

And: “Hanton currently counts among his strongest skills stage combat, jumping, high falls, acrobatics and somersaults.”

What else is there?


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