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Facebook, Starbucks, Snapchat and Disney

What’s happening in tech?

The Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger

As users will know, if you haven’t downloaded the “Messenger App,” you can’t chat another user on your mobile phone.

Why are they doing this? Beats me. For more app downloads – sheer numbers? Hell, they will be five apps in no time in that case and lose users.

If you configure your text option on your phone you can still dodge this a little.

Facebook has already lost 11 million teen users to SnapChat, Twitter, and Tumblr-like apps since 2011 due to over-sharing and boredom.

Pay For Coffee With Your Watch

watchAnd you thought using the smartphone app was cool? Starbucks and Android team up to let you pay for your morning Mochafrackalatte with your smart-watch, making it that much easier to look like a weird tech trend-setter in front of your friends.

Of course, after that, you can just push the button on your phone that makes you look cool again.

Snapchat Rises To #3

snapchatThanks to the unique ability to take naked pictures of yourself and send them to a friend-you-just-met near you, the social network Facebook tried to buy for $3 billion just surpassed Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Vine, and Tumblr as the third most used network for kids ages 18-34.

Ask any millennial if they knew Snapchat’s “private, deleted” data was exposed a few months ago and ten bucks says they didn’t know.

Disney Creates Spinning Tops Out of Anything

spin-5Thanks to modern computer science and a little 3D printing, the theme park/film tycoon company created a formula for making any object spin like a top. This is not a joke. Now a rake, Lord Voldemort, Minnie Mouse, Godzilla, and the Great Wall of China can all replicate and spin on their center axis, wherever that happens to be.

This is important because:

–          A new Disney ride where everyone gets put into a giant blob and spun until they hurl is in the making;

–          A remake of Fantasia 1 is in the mix, but now, instead of spinning flowers there will be auto parts instead;

–          Lots and lots of “spin anything” Star Wars toys are about to hit stores next year, just in time for the 7th installment of the greatest original trilogy/largest toy franchise ever.


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