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“I Am Ironman.”

The U.S. military has taken great strides to advance its armored suit technology. Naturally compared to Marvel’s Robert Downey Jr. superhero, the outfit enhances a soldier’s ability to control body temperature, increase stamina and strength, and resist bullets.

“Allergies? I am allergic to bullets.”

Using groundbreaking chemical engineering, the body armor will turn from liquid to solid, rendering the warrior somewhat invincible in a firefight.

What it doesn’t have? An auto-prompting “Jarvis” system to supply the user with quick Downey one-liners. We imagine the military will surely add this in after reading this article.

Google and Nest Acquire Dropcam – Video Surveillance for the Modern Home

Having bought Nest earlier this year for $3.2 billion, the world’s largest advertising platform gave up a little of its pocket change to purchase Dropcam for a measly $555 million.

The acquisition was made via Nest, causing tech experts to imagine it addressing the public’s fears that “Google already knows too much about my life.”

Nest is a company that took thermostats to the web allowing anyone to sync the temperature to their computer and mobile phone to allow for easy remote temp control. Dropcam is basically Nest for your home surveillance.

For an inexpensive $149 or $199 bucks, anyone can hook up a camera in their home and pay a little extra for Dropcam to record the footage on a remote server. A live feed streams to your mobile device, allowing a little extra peace of mind – or a play by play of your home being robbed.

Either one of those scenarios has major upsides.

Amazon Releases the “Fire” Phone

It’s the “first smartphone designed by Amazon” – the world’s largest retailer.

Priced at $199-$649, it’s right on par and even under in the highly competitive market, while offering a few new features we’ve never seen in scale before.

First, the interface adapts to its surroundings, moving in conjunction with the user to create a 3-dimensional futuristic visual. The maps app follows suit with the ability to look around at a 360 3D interface, including Yelp reviews around your location as a handy auto-plugin. It auto scrolls for easier reading.

It introduces “Firefly” – a new object grabbing app that acts as a discovery device using “the world [as] a search engine” – pulling image, sight, sound, and video into its database and producing usable data such as websites for more info, identification of what’s being experienced, phone numbers, and the ability to buy what you are looking at – all right there at the tap of your touchscreen.

The Mayday app – a real-time, real life video feed of a real person is there, on your phone to help you, 24/7. Haven’t we all been frustrated, on hold, listening to the world’s worst music while waiting for someone who doesn’t speak the language help us out? Mayday is here to help, offering tech support that guides you as you go.

It’s quick, it’s cool, it’s new; I think I may possibly in a little while maybe consider not being such an iPhone person after all.

I don’t know; I’ll think it over. I think there’s an app for that.

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