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Syracuse Singles: Valentine’s Day Ideas

Single on Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas for you.

Valentine’s Day is not for everyone. Even some couples refuse to celebrate. Every February, the hallmark holiday swings back around and single people are left to their own devices. I didn’t want to leave the singles out, so here are some ideas for your Valentine’s Day…

Get out and …

… go on a “date” with a friend of the opposite sex. 

Face it: Men and women can be friends.

… allow yourself to be the third wheel.

stone-wheel-5121882 copyYou never know what could happen. Maybe run into another spare in another group. Speaking of spare: Bowling is a great group activity.

 allow yourself to be set up.

Why not? Take a chance and go on a blind date on Valentine’s Day. How creepy could it get?

 guys’ or Ladies’ night out.

Why hang at home when you and your single comrades or Sex and the City gals can have a night out on the town? It’s Saturday, and there are plenty of strip clubs around.

 watch SU versus Duke.

BasketballThe next installment of the so-called “new rivalry” — I’m sorry, but Georgetown cannot be replaced — takes place that night. Whether you head out to the Carrier Dome or The Palace Theatre or a favorite watering hole, it’s bound to be a great game.

 eat out alone.

Grab your iPad or an actual book and belly up at the bar. Plop down on a bar stool, order a beverage of your liking, and enjoy a meal. It’s not cowardly or uncool. It’s confident.

 go see a movie.

It’s dark in there anyway. Even if people show up, the demographic will be high school kids or the elderly, and no one will be paying attention to you. All of them will probably be busy, making out.

(Yes, even the elderly.)

 visit an animal shelter.

Visit the Cat Coalition, SPCA, and/or Helping Hounds Dog Rescue and look into adopting a pet. You’ll help out a great cause, you take on responsibility that will add a little structure to your life, and you’ll have a best friend who will love you unconditionally. If you are unable to take on an animal for health or living situations, donate the money you were planning on spending on dinner for a good cause.

Stay in and …


Just let it out.

 sing along to “Let It Go.”

You know it’s catchy, and you can’t help yourself.

 baby, pet sit.

There are probably couples out there wanting to get out even for just an hour or so to simply have time to themselves, but little ones and/or animals that need attention make it . Do friends/family a favor and show your willingness to take the initiative, solidifying the relationship. You might learn something valuable for the future.

Even abstinence.

 cook yourself a great meal.

FriedRice-463681875A personal cooking challenge isn’t a bad thing. It’s less expensive to eat in, and it’s clear that the food you buy at the grocery store is (hopefully) fresh. Why not try something new? What’s the worse that can happen — You overcook or burn the meal? If the food isn’t burned, well, consider it a success. And there will be leftovers.

 get Chinese or other take out.

Cook? Who has time for that? There is always leftovers with Chinese food.

 watch a movie.

Guys, watch episodes of Sex and the City and talk to the characters as if they could hear you.



A little peace and quiet, focusing on yourself and breathing … this is not such a terrible idea.


“To each their own.”

… do something creative.

Practice an instrument that you haven’t picked up in a while. Draw. Write poetry. Start a puzzle. Read a book. Do something that will jar and rattle the brain a little bit.

 play video games.

There is nothing else to do, after all.

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day is filled with sweet somethings…

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