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Curses, Foiled Again

  • To support her claims that Waffle House Chairman Joe Rogers Jr. forced her to have sex to keep her job, former housekeeper Mye Brindle produced video and audio recordings that she secretly made of the pair having sex. Cobb County, Ga., Judge Robert Leonard declared that the recordings violated Rogers’ privacy and Georgia law. As a result, the recordings are inadmissible, and Rogers’ attorneys want criminal charges brought against Brindle and her attorneys. (Atlanta’s WXIA-TV)
  • Eager to divorce his wife but not to pay her alimony, Edward Nelson, 65, hatched a scheme that began with his driving from their home in Bridge, Ore., and booking a hotel room in Idaho for a week. After staying only one night, however, Nelson snuck back into Bridge, taking back roads and paying cash so his movements couldn’t be traced. He shot his wife in the head, killing her, and then killed his next-door neighbors and set both houses on fire, trying to make the murders look like the work of a psycho killer who attacked randomly while he was out of town. The fires attracted the attention of a neighbor, who recognized Nelson’s truck driving away and alerted police. Nelson pleaded guilty, vowing to “die in prison and spend eternity in hell.” (Eugene’s KCBY-TV)

When Guns Are Outlawed
Anthony Tyron Mayo, 38, was accused of killing his wife with a vacuum cleaner. Before she died of a brain injury, Beverly McFarlane, 40, told authorities that her husband hit her in the head with the vacuum at their North Las Vegas, Nev., home. (Las Vegas Sun)

Transparent Relationship
Seattle police arrested Lydell Coleman, 36, for having sex with a sandwich shop window. According to charging papers, which reported the accounts of two women witnesses, after dropping his pants and mashing himself against the cold glass at Sub Shop, “Coleman was observed making sexual motions on the glass window that were described as ‘humping’ and rubbing his genitals against the window.” (

Slightest Provocation

  • Prosecutors told a court in Deschutes County, Ore., that Lawrence Loeffler, 86, shot his wife to death for putting the lid on the ketchup bottle too tightly and because his stepdaughter failed to wish him a happy birthday. (Associated Press)
  • Sheriff’s deputies who arrested Edward Aronson, 76, after they said he broke his wife’s hip during a scuffle at their home in Lake Worth, Fla., explained that the two argued because she objected to his using a dating website. “She accused me of cheating and was yelling at me, so I pushed her,” Aronson admitted. (South Florida Sun Sentinel)

Wearable Food or Edible Footwear
Police who arrested Rachel Gossett and Frank Lucas for having sex in a Waffle House parking lot in Loganville, Ga., said the woman was so drunk that when she “finally got dressed she attempted to put a cheeseburger on her foot as if it were a sandal.” (The Huffington Post)

Love and Marriage
Anthony Hill and Christina Salinas Hill started arguing when he wanted to leave California’s Penn Valley Rodeo early, but she wanted to stay. The argument escalated after the husband and wife got home, owing, he said, to a series of stressful events in their lives, including the fact that her ex-husband lives with them. The ex-husband tried to separate them, but while struggling, she reportedly bit Hill’s penis. After receiving treatment, Hill said his only regret was calling 911. “I’ve assaulted her before in arguments,” he said. “We work it out, and I went beyond that.” (Sacramento’s KOVR-TV)

When Guns Are Outlawed

  • Authorities accused Kenneth Stuart, 41, of attacking his girlfriend during an argument in Davie, Fla., by throwing her cat in her face. (South Florida Sun Sentinel)
  • While arguing with her fiancéé in Sebastian, Fla., Kimberly Francisco, 42, threw hot mashed potatoes and gravy at him, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. Francisco denied tossing the spuds, but the arresting officer reported that when he arrived on the scene, he “noticed food, to include mashed potatoes, appeared to be thrown around the kitchen area.” (Vero Beach’s

Date of the Week
A grand jury in Butler County, Ohio, indicted Edwin Charles Tobergta, 34, after police reported he “stepped out of his back door, naked, and was having sexual relations with a rubber pool float. . .   in front of several children who saw his genitals and his actions with the float.” It was not Tobergta’s first pool-toy encounter. In 2011, he was accused of having sex with a neighbor’s pool float, and in 2002, a woman told police he had sex with an inflatable pumpkin in her yard. (Cincinnati’s WLWT-TV)

Second-Amendment Follies

  • Police reported that a man’s ex-girlfriend dropped by his home in San Antonio, Texas, while he was with his current girlfriend. During the ensuing argument, the man aimed a gun at the ex-girlfriend but accidentally shot the current girlfriend in the chest. She was hospitalized in critical condition; the ex-girlfriend wasn’t injured. (San Antonio’s KSAT-TV)
  • Police investigating the shooting death of Amanda Mosley, 24, concluded that she died while embracing her 18-year-old boyfriend in Phoenix, Ariz. “We understand that she wanted to hug the 18-year-old,” Sgt. Steve Martos said. “He had a gun in his waistband. It caused some discomfort while they were hugging. They started to remove the handgun, and that’s when it accidentally went off.” (Phoenix’s KTVK-TV)
  • After arguing with her boyfriend earlier in the day, Adele Bing, 52, said she heard “banging” and “kicking” at the door of her home in Winter Haven, Fla. Fearing the boyfriend had returned to carry out his threat to kill her, she armed herself with a .22-caliber pistol, opened the door and fired, shooting the visitor: her 25-year-old daughter. Explaining the incident was a “fucked up accident,” she told police, “How could I look my grandkids in their face and say I killed their mother? Y’all can lock me away for good.” (Tampa Bay’s WTSP-TV)

Carried Away
Police detained Kenneth Frank after an employee at a Hampton Inn in Evansville, Ind., reported seeing a man trying to remove a woman’s body on a luggage cart. The woman, Frank’s 47-year-old wife, was pronounced dead at the scene. “That’s not something you’re going to see very often,” police Sgt. Jason Cullum said. Steve Lockyear, chief deputy of the Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office, said there was no evidence of foul play, but he labeled the death as suspicious anyway because “the circumstances are so unusual.” (The Evansville Courier & Press)

Alien Sex

  • Pakistan leads the world in homophobia, according to a report by the American Pew Research Center, and, according to Google, search requests for same-sex pornography. (International Business Times)
  • An Indian court ruled that adult couples who have slept together should be considered legally married. The verdict in Tamil Nadu state involved a woman who sued a man for alimony after living with him for five years and bearing two children; he countered that they weren’t legally married. “If any couple choose to consummate their sexual cravings, then the act becomes a total commitment with adherence to all consequences that may follow,” Justice C.S. Karnan said. The news portal called the ruling “groundbreaking,” observing, “It’s not often that a High Court judgment can be used as both a punch line and a pickup line.” (The Washington Post)

Prostitutional Paradox
Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes told New York City police to “immediately cease” seizing condoms from prostitutes in the borough to use as evidence against them so the prostitutes won’t be discouraged from using the condoms, which the city Health Department hands out by the millions to stem the spread of deadly diseases. Police official Paul J. Browne acknowledged the directive but pointed out condoms still have “evidentiary value when going after pimps and sex traffickers,” such as when officers find “a bowlful of condoms in a massage parlor.” (The New York Times)

Paying the Price
Rogelio Andaverde, 34, and his wife were at home in Edinburg, Texas, when two armed men wearing masks forced their way inside and made off with Andaverde. Maria Hernandez immediately reported her husband’s abduction, and authorities launched “an all-out manhunt,” Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviñño said. Lacking any leads or a ransom call, deputies called off the search after a few hours. The next morning, Andaverde returned home and told his wife he’d been released. When deputies interviewed him for details, he admitted he staged the kidnapping so he could “spend time with his friends and party,” Treviñño said, adding, “Well, he’s going to party in jail now.” (San Antonio Express-News and McAllen’s The Monitor)

Bacon Bits

  • Bacon can lower a man’s sperm count, according to Harvard University researchers, who studied men that regularly ate bacon, sausages, ham and other processed meat, and found they had 30 percent less normal sperm than men who restrained themselves to less than a rasher of bacon a day. (Britain’s The Telegraph)
  • The latest bacon product from J&D Foods in Seattle is “Power Bacon,” a bacon-scented deodorant. “We realize that everyone loves bacon,” company co-founder Justin Esch said. “Well, now everyone can smell like it 24 hours a day.” (Seattle’s KIRO-TV)

Sex Is Its Own Punishment
Washington state psychologist Sunil Kakar, 46, was suspended after he admitted giving a prostitute his laptop as collateral while he went to an ATM to get cash to pay her. He returned to find the woman had left with the computer, which contained personal and health information of his 652 clients. Police recovered the laptop from a pawnshop, but by then the Department of Health had had to refer Kakar’s clients to new providers. (The Seattle Times)

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