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Happy Ending

After spending 46 years without knowing her father’s identity, Melonie Dodaro, a social media consultant in Kelowna, British Columbia, turned to Facebook and located him in just 72 hours. Cees de Jong, originally from the Netherlands, has been living in Thailand for the past 16 years, performing as an Elvis impersonator, an actor and a musician using the name Colin Young. “I guess he’s very, very well-known and a little bit famous in Europe,” Dodaro said, adding she plans to visit her father and his two children, Elvis and Priscilla. (CBC News)

Poopy Poopers

Newcomers to rural Loudon County, Va., are causing sanitation problems by not tending to their septic systems or not knowing that the systems need to be cleaned out regularly. “Let’s just say there are folks from Eastern Loudon that had, say, lived in suburbia their entire lives, had been on public water and sewer their entire lives, they move out to some beautiful little hamlet. . . and all they really know when they buy their house out here is, ‘Cool, well and septic, no water bill,’” Algonkian District Supervisor Suzanne Volpe said. “Most of them don’t realize that there’s a problem until the kids come in from the backyard and go, ‘The ground’s all muddy back there, Mom, and it smells funny,’ and by that point they have a serious problem.” (Washington’s WTOP Radio)

Slightest Provocation

Police arrested Anh Nguyen, 42, after she argued with a department store manager in Newark, Calif., over the price of a Michael Kors purse. She succeeded in getting a discount but then “began to scream and curse at the manager” because she was still unhappy with the price, police Cmdr. Mike Carrol said. When a loss prevention officer tried to escort Nguyen from the store, she reportedly threw a temper tantrum and bit the officer’s leg. (San Jose Mercury News)

Problem Solved

After complaining for 15 years about school buses cutting him off by running a stop sign while leaving their parking lot in Tulsa, Okla., Josh Holocker posted a video making his case. The Union Public School system responded by replacing the stop sign with a yield sign. “Now, someone is just going to drive right out,” Holocker lamented. (Tulsa’s KOKI-TV)

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