It’s something different. Anyone can buy flowers or candy.

There are plenty of ordinary ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day (think chocolates, flowers and dinner), but local singer, songwriter and guitarist Mike McKay has figured out a new V-Day plan. Last year he started Love-O-Grams, a personal song-delivery service, in which the traveling troubadour entertains girlfriends, wives and significant others via song. On Valentine’s Day he’ll average about 30 love-o-grams within the 12-hour day, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“Every reaction {last year} was incredible,” he says. “It’s a very human thing. There was one person, a professional soccer player, who lives far away from here, but his girlfriend is here. I sang a song about being far away from the person you love and she lost her mind.”

The idea didn’t take long to take off. McKay received an overwhelming response just after posting it to his Facebook page last year. This year’s demand is so great, McKay has also enlisted singer, songwriter and pianist Just Joe in the operation as well. McKay hopes the idea will eventually grow into a year-round business.

“I trademarked the name and hope to do this for birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, anything,” he says. “It’s something different. Anyone can buy flowers or candy. This is a very real, in-your-face thing that’s very personal. It’s an extreme expression of one’s love in an embarrassing and outward way. A lot of these are in public places. Crowds gather, people go crazy, the guys meet us there. It’s a cool thing.”

Jeremy Johnston of SubCat Studios drives with McKay throughout the day and records the song deliveries, so participants also get a video of the event as well as a flower and card.

For McKay, it’s also grown into a great way to gain fans. “I’ve made some really good friends from last year,” he says. “After doing these, I see these people at all my shows. It’s a win-win.”

To contact McKay or Just Joe for Valentine’s Day or other holidays and events, email [email protected] or through Facebook and other social media.

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