Jeannette Hanna: Exploring the World of Interactive Design

Mastering the art and science of the interface

As a student at Syracuse University, Jeannette Hanna is a policies studies major, but she also explores a brave new world. As a perpetual student of technology and innovation, Hanna also enjoys tapping into the world of interactive design.

As the Minority Report and Matrix worlds become more “real” via the latest gadgets, Hanna seeks to develop applications and artwork with these new media, but she also seeks to make sense of it all. Exploring the world of interactive video screens, Hanna is working on mastering the art and science of the interface. A live screen developed by Lorne Covington of Nior Flux that displays images that interact with the passer-by at Newhouse using the XBox Connect hardware is one of the pieces of technology Hanna toys with, but she also dabbles in 3D printing, augmented reality, virtual reality, traditional social media and more.

Hanna feels the average technology user is pulled into using social media (albeit Twitter, Facebook or virtual reality and augmented reality) and the use of such media is more of an abstract that takes them away from the reality at hand. She says the opposite is going to take over: media will become more and more a companion and an aid to the user, rather than a hindrance or distraction. She cites The Corning Museum of Glass video, “A Day Made of Glass” as an excellent portrayal of how technology will continue to evolve to aid us not to hinder us, mentioning how the possibilities are still limitless and beyond our imagination.

As a designer for interactive media for World of Cheddar, Hanna creates means by which users can attain financial literacy via more than two dimensional means, activating more senses and standing out while educating.

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