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Going Coconuts for Healthy Living

Trying our luck with exotic fruits.

Although I was excited to be given a chance to write a blog about being a woman and a mom here in the CNY area – at second thought I wondered to myself, “What WILL I write about“? Being given a platform to hear my voice in any manner is slightly humbling.  The old saying, “Nothing to it, but to do it” came to mind and so after many years of not writing, I again am able to exercise my voice.  Those that know me, know I do this all the time anyways.

Being a mother to three vivacious, beautiful, young women always has me coming up with ways to teach them to keep a healthy lifestyle.  Seven years ago, I lost eighty pounds through diet and exercise and making small lifestyle modifications – one of them being to eat healthier.  I thought it would be exciting if not educational for the ladies and myself to try and experiment with new fruits.  I had to think of something that even my ten year old finicky eater would try.
Woman Times I chose a coconut, a mango, and a starfruit.  Being already semi-healthy eaters I figured this wouldn’t be too far of a stretch!!  I purchased the coconut and it sat on the counter for a day or two until we worked up the nerve to bust it open.  Quite literally, we had to BUST it open.  It comes pre-scored and you’re supposed to open the three “eyes” and drain the coconut water.  Then, striking the scored area with a blunt knife is supposed to (in theory) crack open the coconut so you can scrape out the meat and enjoy.  Yeah right!!!  First, the ladiers and I made a terrible, terrible mess all over the counter with stringy, dusty, dirty coconut hair.  It mixes with the water and goes everwhere!!! (even with paper towels and a bowl in place). Then, after blasting open the coconut we were finally able to get to the meat of the coconut.  The ladies and I are exhausted at this point and I’m not thrilled with the mess, but we soldier on and try both the furry water and coconut meat.  It was unanimous…coconut for us ladies will only be eaten baked on chicken or shrimp, in yogurt or baked into a treat.

The mango was next up and learning a lesson from the coconut incident we first researched how to prepare this beautiful fruit.  After following directions and cutting the mango into bite size pieces, we decided the mango is a new favorite staple in our home!!  Just today I bought a few more and made the best mango salsa served with crackers.

By the time we got to the starfruit we were well prepared on researching preparation.  Cutting the starfruit was a simple, clean process.  It tastes like it can’t decide if it wants to be an apple or a pear, so reviews were mixed on this pretty little starfruit. It was decided that it would be utilized as a garnish or even in a fruit salad.

All in all the ladies and I learned to be more open-minded in trying exotic fruits, so much so that up next is the dragon fruit. Research we also have learned is an essential part of this process. All moms know that getting your children to try new things can sometimes be tricky!!  Up next is dinner at a new restaurant; so be waiting for (mixed I’m sure) reviews.

Christine Lytle Christine Lytle is a single mom to three daughters ages, 15, 14 and 10. She is a registered nurse and loves exercise. 

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