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We’re in Gemini Territory Now


Never want to be what you are not

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Welcome to Gemini! On May 22nd we crossed over the astrological threshold from the sign of bullheaded Taurus into the land of duality. We’re now in the realm of those double edged swords, those yins and yang’s, those Bert’s and Ernie’s; those matching trouble makers, the Gemini twins!

I know a thing or more about being born under the Astrological Gemini Sun. I AM A GEMINI! It took years of engaging in painstakingly difficult decision making, feeling very wishy washy, leading to torturous lengths of time spent dissecting and diagnosing and disposing of an idea; only to revisit it one more time because I had a conversation with someone on line at the whatever and so maybe, I need to rethink my decision; till I get to the point of I don’t care, I’m not going to do anything right now anyway, kind of non-decision making. It took me years to come to grips with my dual Gemini nature.

My mother ignited my interest in horoscopes. She had a few books on astrology. Everyday she’d check all our horoscopes in the newspaper. That would include hers, mine, my father’s and my brother’s and then as the grandchildren came along she’d read theirs too. I miss her calls telling me she knows why so and so was acting funny lately because she’d read their horoscope!

As a kid, I would pick up her books from the tray table next to her chair and read about Gemini, my sign. In true Gemini fashion, I’d compare my sign with the other signs.  This was a big mistake yet such a Gemini thing to do! I didn’t want to be a Gemini. I wanted to be a Sagittarian. I mean who wants to be an air sign when there are fire signs? I felt helpless. How could I be anything other than what I was? I was absolute, wasn’t I?

symbol-air-colorGemini’s element is air. I spent the first half of my life reeling from those airy affects. Gemini’s are difficult to pin down and have trouble feeling content. Imagine how crappy it is to spend most of your life in discontent! If I were here I wanted to be there. Ugh!  Gemini’s lose focus. They’re onto the next adventure before completing the many adventures they’ve already started. Do you know what it’s like to never really accomplish anything, to leave most of everything you’ve started in various states of undone? It’s maddening! Then there’s the seeing both sides to every story curse. It’s impossible to form an opinion about, anything really, that’s rock-solid. Gemini’s are mutable that way!

Despite the entertainment value, there are many aspects of our personalities associated with the day and time of our birth. For years I mostly connected to the negative aspects of the Gemini woman. Influenced by the Planet Mercury, Gemini’s warlord, I knew I had to make friends with my Gemini-ness in order to call a cease fire in the war I was having with my Self. All I really wanted was to be a fire breathing archer ruled by the planet Jupiter, not a space cadet looking for my invisible twin. And so began my journey toward Self-awareness. I started with my lackadaisical attitude toward being a Gemini wannabe Sag.  I had to be more than that desire, right?

Never want to be what you are not; which is different from becoming all that you can be. After all, Gemini’s have positive traits! I’ve seen them listed! I didn’t know it then, but I was looking toward to the light to dispel the darkness. I decided to bridge the chasm between the way I was living my one lifetime as a Gemini and repair the rift between my negative and positive Gemini traits. The result was integration, the after effect of dispelling the darkness of negativity by embracing the light of Self-acceptance. I highly recommend it for the peace of mind it brings.

I encourage each of you to take a journey toward Self-awareness in order to find the dawn of your own peace of mind. While this journey is not quite a vacation, every person, male or female has traits at his or her disposal that will bring them peace of mind instead of woe, envy, or worse yet, the feelings of such bitterness that life is endured instead of embraced. We’ve seen too much of the horrible after effects of not accepting the Self in the random acts of violence so prevalent today.

The journey to the core of my Self uncovered strengths I once identified as weaknesses. I’ve learned to accept my foibles as the lost twin of those core strengths. I’ve accepted all flanks of me as I face life warts and all.  A strong core has helped me face troubles I never saw coming. Troubles all my worrying and scurrying about did not prevent from happening.

So what if I am never content, that has made me a lifelong student. Ok, so I lose my focus. My lifelong studies have provided me with tools to ease my attention back to the task at hand. I’ve learned when to focus and when to allow my thoughts to slip into a dreamy future filled with more adventures. My ability to hear all sides of a story has served me well in my professional career as a counselor and writer. Being an air sign, I float like a wisp of a fallen feather carried on a light breeze.

I’m adaptable. I’m empathetic. I’m complex. I’m complicated. I’m curiously curious. I’m not an absolute and neither are you. Embrace all the aspects of your Self by getting to know who you are. Life is too short to concentrate only on the surface self, dig deep to uncover the jewels of your personality. Allow those jewels to provide you with the energy and strength you’ll need to embrace your life warts and all!

So, what’s your sign?


RoseanneRoseanne Olszewski is a writer, thinker and all around spiritual disciple who believes in the power of owning your presence in the world. We are all here for a reason, what is yours?  The owner of a Metamorphosis, Become Who You Are Meant To Be!, Roseanne works as an educator, consultant and counselor, focusing on personal development. She holds a M.A. in Transformative Leadership Development from the California Institute of Integral Studies.




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