Inevitable Coffee Ring

The Espresso Shot (#019)

This is one of those moments

This photograph caught my attention not too long ago, and it struck a chord. The affect that it had allowed my living to be put on hold for a moment, and that brief moment felt as if it were projected as long as hours. And this is a part of life – a stunning aspect that can generate so many raw and pure feelings that may be easily forgotten about as soon as you wake up the next day. The dock is perfectly captured, and it’s just enough. The pristine mirror of the lake. This is one of those moments that you want to stand on that dock with your toes gripping the edge of it while you stare down at your reflection. Maybe you – in a moment of letting go mentally and physically – you allow yourself to just fall face-first into the lake. You can’t wake up, or don’t allow yourself to wake up, if you’re already living in a dream.

And sometimes you have to look at a beautiful picture, listen to some music, and allow your mind to drift. You allow it to set sail in an oar-less vessel of your your own choice.

Above photo by Shannon Bouchard

The Espresso Shot (Thursdays) is a compliment to The Inevitable Coffee Ring (Tuesdays) by Christopher Malone.

The Inevitable Coffee Ring

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