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The Espresso Shot (#009)

Focusing, educating, and raising awareness on various local entities

Oh! Simon and Garfunkel, what beautiful music you once made before you began to severely dislike each other. Perhaps one day you’ll follow the path of June … 

June, she’ll change her tune.
In restless walks she’ll prowl the night.
July, she will fly,
And give no warning to her flight.

from “April Come She Will” (1965)

Clicking on the link right above will bring you to the song. Enjoy it. It’s a nice little way to start your Thursday, with your coffee, with you newspaper or online materials.

Apple of Our Eye

This past week has been crazy. A little reminder that life can get away from you so easily. It helped me realize a few things, and the two-day storm helped catalyze the thought process as well. Cooping oneself up a little bit can do that to you. On Thursday, however, another Syracuse First Local Thirst event was held in the tasting room at Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards, held specifically in 1911 Spirit‘s tasting room.

The Brennan family (it was a pleasure to officially meet Ed and sons, Eddie and Steve) was present with hospitable force, and let’s not forget Chris Fowler (pictured above) and contributors and especially the ragtag group of cordial bartenders that he gathered together, and the collaboration with several individuals (too many to list, and let’s be fair) to make sure this event panned out smoothly.

This regular series, Local Thirst, casts out open invitations to one and all. We all want to work toward a greater cause, and to simply say Syracuse First stresses focusing, educating, and raising awareness on various local entities in order to obtain and maintain a stable community. Shifting your spending a simple 10 percent can help keep money in our area, create jobs, and strengthen the economy among other positive aspects.

Aside the rain keeping everyone in the tasting room, which wasn’t too hot or stuffy, everyone present had the opportunity to make conversation and connect and network. We gained insight from Steve Brennan about the future of the company and product line they want to pump out and provide to — well, heck — the world.  (Why not? Go/Think big!) There is a new production facility in the works. There is no intention of selling out, of course, because Central New York is the home of Beak & Skiff and 1911 Spirits, and the family takes pride in representing this area with creating a product that exudes quality than superfluous mass quantity.

Before fulfilling my bar tending duties, Steve gave me the run down of the products, specifically the ciders, which we would be serving those in attendance. The Light & Crisp was a hit with everyone, and I personally enjoy its dry finish. It can be best compared to a Prosecco. The next on the list was the original cider. My standing favorite, which was enjoyed at the end of my shift, was 1911’s Hop Cider. This variety was concocted with six types of hops, three from the northwest and three from the east. It’s very much worth trying and enjoying (responsibly).

There is so much to be enjoyed at Beak & Skiff before the seasonal apple picking gets going. It will be here soon enough. However, on your weekends you can stop by the campus tasting room to see what they have to offer. Be sure to check out the website for the summer concert series.

Now, I will leave you all with a few pictures from the event:


1911 Spirits.
Photo by Christopher Malone.


1911 Spirits at Beak and Skiff.
Photo by Christopher Malone.


1911 Spirits at Beak and Skiff.
Photo by Christopher Malone.

The Espresso Shot is a compliment to Christopher Malone’s Tuesday blog The Inevitable Coffee Ring.

The Inevitable Coffee Ring

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