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Dogs, Dog walkers and UFOs

Columnist Cheryl Costa discusses the relationship with dogs, dog walkers and UFOs.

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When I was at the 2016 Mutual UFO Network Symposium, I had the opportunity to discuss common UFO sighting elements with about a dozen investigators. Did we discuss UFO shapes or sizes? Nope. We discussed the fact that dogs and dog walkers are the most common UFO spotters. Below are examples of dogs and dog walkers experiencing sightings.

  • Thomas was out walking his dog on the evening of July 26, 1990, 9:25 p.m., in Albany. Suddenly the dog began straining at his leash and leaning toward the trees. Thomas told us that at tree top height were floating lights the size of a nickel. He noted they were flying and hovering in formation before darting off.
  • Then there was the case of Richard who was walking his dog in Utica. It was Aug. 5, 1990, at about midnight. Richard was doing his usual late-night dog walk before bedtime. Suddenly the dog began barking. After a few minutes the dog was agitated and pulling hard toward the woods. Richard heard a humming sound, looked up and saw two red balls of light hovering overhead. When the orbs appeared, the dog went quiet. He said the whole sight lasted perhaps two minutes before both orbs zipped away in opposite directions and disappeared.
  • Deborah, her father, mother and the family Dalmatian went for a walk about 8 p.m. in the middle of June 1993 in Fillmore. As they walked down the street, the dog began to get restless. Deborah’s mom pointed at some bright, red and green lights near the highway. At first they all thought the lights were from some sort of vehicle, but as the lights grew closer and larger it became evident that they were airborne and flying above and near some high tension wires. When the two colorful orbs stopped and began hovering over the electrical wire, the Dalmatian lay down on the grass and got very still. The trio watched the lights for 10 minutes before they just zoomed off at tremendous speed. It was then that the dog stood up, Deborah said.
  • Sebastian said his experience was around 10:15 p.m. on a chilly October evening in 1999. It was nearly time for bed at his household. The last chore of the evening was to walk his bull terrier, Patton. He said the two of them were walking down the neighborhood sidewalk when he saw what he thought was a bright star. What puzzled him was it was getting bigger and coming straight toward him and Patton. The bright, orange light stopped at about tree-top height about a block away. Patton was clearly spooked and was making an odd mix of growling and whining sounds. Sebastian tells us that after five minutes, the orange ball got momentarily bright and suddenly launched itself straight up at incredible speed and disappeared. He said that as the craft got bright, the dog yelped as if in pain or scared.

At the MUFON Symposium, the UFO investigators I spoke to all seemed to agree. If it weren’t for dogs and their owners — who are outside every night rain or shine, summer or winter — we probably wouldn’t have a quarter of the UFO sightings logged that we do.

Let’s look at some recent UFO sighting reports from New York Skies:

Aug. 26, 2016: At about 2 p.m. a resident of Watkins Glen observed a bright UFO race right by a commercial jetliner in the sky. He said it was the first time in his 85 years of life that he’s seen a real UFO.

Aug. 28, 2016: At about 1:15 p.m. a resident of Westfield saw a bright, orange orb following a commercial airliner.

Aug 29, 2016: At about 10:30 p.m. several second-shift workers in Batavia reported seeing a huge ball of orange light descend from a cloud above the city. They report that the huge glowing orb hovered for a few minutes and was gone in the wink of an eye.

Aug. 30, 2016: At about 4:45 a.m. a resident of New York City reported seeing a random pattern of lights that would make short, darting moves and seemed to be chasing each other before they all moved into a formation and disappeared.

If you are interested in joining a monthly UFO discussion group in the Onondaga County area, drop Cheryl an email [email protected]. If you have a UFO sighting to report, you can use either one of the two national database services: or Both services respect confidentiality.

Cheryl Costa would love to hear the when, where and what of your New York sighting. Email it to [email protected]. The names of witnesses will be omitted to protect their privacy.

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