(Auto) What Does Made in America Really Mean?

(Auto) Ford or Chevy – which is more American?

So, you want to buy a car made in America. Does that mean made by an American company? Made by an American company but assembled in Mexico? Made by a foreign company assembled in America?

Frank DuBois, an associate professor at the Kogod School of Business at – yep – American University, created the “Kogod Made in America Index” to help us figure it all out.

The index ranks vehicles in seven categories. It takes into account where a vehicle is assembled, how much of its content was made in America, where research and development was conducted and overall economic impact on the U.S.  GM and Ford dominate the top of the list.

Without further ado, here are the top “Most American” vehicles:

1.    (tie) Ford F-Series Pickup; Chevrolet Corvette (score: 87.5 out of 100)
2.    (tie) Buick Enclave; Chevrolet Traverse; GMC Acadia; GMC Acadia Denali (score: 86)
3.    (tie) Chevrolet Equinox; Cadillac CTS; GMC Terrain (score: 85)
4.    (tie) Chevrolet Express; GMC Savana; Chevrolet Malibu; Buick LaCrosse; Chevrolet Impala (score: 83)
5.    (tie) Ford Mustang; Ford Taurus; Cadillac Escalade; Chevrolet Suburban; Chevrolet Tahoe; GMC Yukon; Cadillac ATS (score: 82.5)



(Volvo S60 Exterior |

Volvo has been testing an S60 with the type of energy recovery system used in Formula 1 racing cars. If it works, it’ll be the first car that normal folks can buy with the hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery System. (Some “too pricey for normals” models by McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari already have the system.) The system could reduce fuel consumption by up to 25 percent and provide an 80 horsepower boost over a normal car.

The system works by storing the kinetic energy that’s normally lost as heat when the driver brakes. When the driver hits the gas again, that energy is transferred to the wheels through a specially designed transmission.  Volvo says the system would be most effective during stop-and-start city driving.

Volvo’s working with Flybrid Automotive to test the system. By around 2020, the cars could be in production, and high-tech driving systems won’t just be for race car drivers or billionaires.



By The Numbers


Number of 2010-12 Mazda 6 four-cylinders recalled last week because spiders may be living in the fuel tanks.

80 mph

… will be the new top speed limit for some roads in Idaho and Wyoming. A stretch of highway in Texas already has the nation’s top speed limit, 85 mph.

Sneeze Proof

Soon we’ll be finding our cars covered with pollen, instead of snow, in the morning. Do your allergies a favor and check your car’s cabin air filter. Experts recommend replacing it at least once or twice a year.


Car Nut

Former talk show host and car nut Jay Leno drives hot cars for his video blog, Jay Leno’s Garage. Last fall, he became the first person who doesn’t work for McLaren to drive the new P1. He couldn’t resist, and recently took delivery of his own McLaren P1.


Quick Take


Ferrari’s LaFerrari |

Here’s what you might shell out for other cars with that energy recovery system: Ferrari’s LaFerrari goes for a cool $1.4 million. A McLaren P1 will set you back around $1.15 million. A Porsche 918 Spyder sells for a relatively modest $845,000.

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