Way to go NCAA

Starting Point is a note from our publisher

Jeff Kramer is at it again on page 9 with his own version of March Madness.  In his tongue and cheek way he has assembled the most egregious accusations against the Syracuse Athletic Programs into a concise bracket of competitively seeded “Violations.” Reading them all together it is easy to see why compiling this list took 8 years to assemble (from data and information voluntarily submitted by Syracuse University). Way to go NCAA, you demonstrated the ability to graduate from Detective Dick’s School of Criminology with honors, I hope you didn’t have to ask a professor for a review of any of the grades to improve your class standing.

As I look at this list, I am underwhelmed by the triviality of the accusations. Anyone who works with kids in a mentoring or sports program and has an opportunity to bring in a highly visible performer to interact with their kids is going to jump at the chance. My understanding is no one was unduly enriched (beyond some modest payments for gas money and meals), and players actually played with the kids.  Minus the Athletic Directors interference, have any of our readers “negotiated” with a teacher to try and improve a grade? I know I have.

By the way, Mr. Chancellor, man up and defend your athletic programs, coaches and the University. If you need to make policy changes, admit it, make them and move on. Remember the loyalty you show is the loyalty you will receive, and no one has shown more loyalty than Jim Boeheim.

billWilliam Brod is the publisher of the Syracuse New Times

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