Top Running and Biking Spots in CNY

According to Strava

Strava, a company that offers a free app to digitally track bike rides and runs via your smartphone or GPS system recently released a global heatmap of running and biking data using information from 77,688,848 rides and 19,660,163 runs.

Using Strava’s heatmap, top running and biking spots in Syracuse and Central New York appear to be located at Green Lakes State Park, the Syracuse University areas and the areas in and around the Inner Harbor (as well as Onondaga Lake Park), but we’ll let you judge for yourself.

Click on the image below to interact with Strava’s heatmap (we’ve set the map over Syracuse to get you started):

HEATMAP heatmap

You can download the free Strava app for your iphone, Android or Garmin device HERE

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