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Real Life Jetsons

contact-lens-google-glass-eyeball-670Still dreaming of the days when you will never have to change your clothes? (Urg! Why?) According to the wearable tech industry is set to explode 1,000% over the next 2 years! The forecast includes light up clothing for when no one looks at you in the night club, Google contact lenses so you can freak people out with your “knowledge” like a Bond super-villain, man bras that cost an arm and a leg and calculate how fast your heart is beating (right?), jackets with GPSs that zap you if you make a wrong turn and tell everyone which dumpster your jacket is in after you’ve been kidnapped, and printed make-up for when going to the store or ordering it online is just out of the question.

Altogether, there’s a lot to look forward to.

A Facebook App Only for Famous People

fbFacebook’s “Mentions” is the social media giant’s new way of reacting to public sensationalism and fandom everywhere. Anyone can download the tool but only the coolest of the cool get a verified account that enables them to speak exclusively with fans from their “ivory towers.”

Hey, it could be cool!

We can only expect a lot of really great info.

Google Provides Uber Users Free Wi-Fi

CarReadingIn Philly. Only.

The monster search engine teams up with the hot new black car app to prevent your monthly data premiums from rising. (“You have reached 95% of your data usage. You will be billed an extra $3,000 if you send one more email.”)

Google is an investor in the cool black chauffeur biz. Cell service providers, apparently, are not.

Google Analytics Launches an App

google-analytics-android-appNerds everywhere rejoice! In case you couldn’t wait until you got to work to find out how many more people from Hong Kong had visited your website, Google launches stats on the go so you can monitor the hell out of anyone and everyone that visits your website, no matter what.

For more info on GA, read this article that actually ranks #1 for “Google Analytics for Dummies.”


The @CIA revealed a high-tech piece of equipment of years past last week. This “carrier” pigeon most likely single handed saved the world a half dozen times.

The details of the operations are still classified.

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