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A few things going on in tech

Brazzlebox Launches Thursday Sept. 18!

cropped-bb-graphic-21The new local social media site is set to launch Thursday, September 18. Find out more about the unique network by reading the New Times exclusive interview and visiting

Popular Video Game Series Gets Sequel Release Date


Final Fantasy fans can rest a little easier knowing that the 15th installment to the video game series will arrive next year in March, while the rest of the world wonders why it’s called “Final” Fantasy and yet has 14 sequels.

CoverGirl Continues to Back the NFL Despite Memes


The famous women’s makeup company was attacked across the web this week for continuing to back the NFL amid the controversy surrounding the NFL’s head honcho’s role in ignoring the domestic violence now infamous from some of the league’s leading players. Several eye-opening Photoshopped photos are trending on Twitter as an effort to boycott the company until it comes down on the commissioner.

New Spy Movies in the Works

Speaking of cool tech, a new Daniel Craig Bond film will commence filming this December 6. Amid mixed reviews, Skyfall’s reception was overwhelmingly positive. No significant details of the 24th film have yet been released, as screenwriter John Logan is still penning the tale. Release date is set for late 2015.

Bourne Identity

And it seems we have not seen the last of Jason Bourne. A now 43 year-old Matt Damon is said to be making another Bourne sequel with the original trilogy’s director, Paul Greenglass. Internet jokes are calling it The Bourne Redundancy. While Jeremy Renner is set to create a second Legacy film based on the much lesser loved side-story, audiences are eagerly awaiting the return of Jason Bourne to theaters, sometime in July 2016.

New Jetpack Makes Super-Soldiers Run Like the Wind

Arizona State University has created a human jet pack called the “4 Minute Mile” that does precisely what it says: speeds up the average runner way past his normal endurance and speed limits. The pack is designed to help increase the capacity of soldiers in battle who often carry 90+ pounds of gear under fire.

It seems what video games portray as “modern warfare” is truly coming to be.

Imagine what James Bond will do with one of those.


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