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Blood Jewelry

An Israeli grad student named Naomi Kizhner has invented her own line of “stunning” jewelry that literally feeds off human energy. The pieces stream the host/wearer’s blood through the device to spin the cog wheel, shake the golden rods, or what have you.

Hey if people are willing to pierce their genitals, something tells me there’s a niche market for this stuff too.

Photo credit: Naomi Kizhner

Photo credit: Naomi Kizhner

White House Attacked! (Online)

Forget about fence jumpers – according to HuffPo Tech, an unusually significant cyber-attack hit the EOP (Executive Office of the President) recently. Obviously hack attempts are frequent, if not constant. Standard defense protocol for significant attacks is network shutdown, sometimes lasting for a few hours. This time the network shut down for two weeks!

A White House official confirmed the system had not been damaged.

Back when Ian Fleming penned his Bond novels, who would have guessed that a much more ethereal intelligence war was soon to be afoot. To all the Chloe’s down in DC keeping us safe (24 reference), we salute you!



Perhaps the Greatest Tech Movie of the Decade is in the Making

Imagine one of the greatest living actors playing one of the greatest modern secular prophets as written by perhaps the greatest living screenwriter and directed by one of the greatest breathing directors. (How many times can you say “greatest” in one sentence?)

Well, it’s happening. Last week, Christian Bale (Dark Knight, American Psycho, The Fighter) confirmed that he’d be playing Steve Jobs in a non-“we rushed this movie in theaters right after he died” version of Jobs based on the writings of Walter Isaacson, the man the Apple CEO hand-picked to write his life story. SU alum Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, Moneyball) wrote the screenplay and Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, The Full Monty) will direct.

Sorkin describes the film as “not what you expect” – featuring only three scenes that all take place backstage before the signature Apple showcase events. “It’s one of the few times I’ve written what I’ve set out to write,” he said.

The Tech of James Cameron

In a recent WSJ interview, James Cameron talked about his upcoming three Avatar films (yes three) all being filmed in cutting-edge 3D, combining both stunning CGI and real  footage. Cameron’s actors, while filming the “out-of-body” sequences, wear a body suit complete with cameras where the CGI characters’ eyes would be to create real time, well, avatars acting onscreen.

When asked about the Ocolus Rift, the virtual reality tech that Facebook recently acquired, Cameron disapproved. “You want to move through virtual reality? It’s called a video game,” he said, commenting on the void between movies and VR games.

The groundbreaking director suspects 3D-projecting iPad technology will replace the current headset/glasses trend that consumers are resisting.


Tech Events Coming Up

Idea Juicer: think “Shark Tank” – Friday (tomorrow), October 31st, 2PM at the SU Makerspace. (Go ahead, wear your costume and tweet me a pic!)

Hack Hunger and Homelessness: a 24 hour hackathon to solve poverty with tech! (This is awesome!) Nov 8-9 at the Tech Garden

Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit: Nov 7 in NYC – “meet new folks and meet top entrepreneurs” #soundscool

A Final Morbid Thought for Halloween

Parents – as a security measure, check out sex offender apps/sites before Trick-or-Treating this year. There are many free apps that list no-go locations as red dots on your smartphone and even send you updates as they change. As a parent, I recommend.


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