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Skin Deep: Central New Yorkers show their love of Syracuse with tattoos

People love to show respect and pride for their hometowns, and Syracuse natives are no different. From salt potatoes to Otto the Orange, there are a slew of iconic symbols that scream “‘Cuse.” But some people want to take these images with them wherever they go, in a more permanent madder than a T-shirt or baseball hat. Here’s a look at a collection of Syracuse-themed tattoos, showing true love and dedication to the Mighty Salt.

Bobcat Goldthwait

  • Los Angeles, Calif.
  • Artist: Kat Von D

“I can’t really think of anything more Syracuse than a salt potato. Well, maybe humidity and Heid’s hot dogs, but I went with a sacred salt potato and 315 por vida. It’s to show where I’m from and to piss off racists.”


Elise Dodge

  • Syracuse
  • Artist: Carlos Macias, Cryptic Tattoo, Azusa, Calif.

“I got my Syracuse/Otto tattoo because I was born and raised in Syracuse and I love where I’m from. I’m a diehard Syracuse University Orange sports fan of both the women’s and men’s teams, and I got the idea from an SU hat. Go Orange!”


Adam Barnello

  • Syracuse
  • Artist: Jemola Addley, Resurrected Tattoos

“I’ve worked at National Grid for 14 years. Even before I worked there, the Niagara Mohawk building always stood out to me as a representation of Syracuse, and seeing it always reminds me of home. Between the snow globe representing our unique winters, the beauty of the Art Deco architecture, and the orange flower, the tattoo feels like it highlights all the parts of Syracuse that make it the only
place I’ll ever truly feel is home.”


Dave Carlson

  • North Syracuse
  • Artist: Tyler Pawelzik

“I got this when I was living in Scranton and was homesick. Although I’m originally from Hanover, Pa., I moved to Syracuse in 1998. I moved a couple times after college and now I live in North Syracuse. I’ve lived in Hanover, Philadelphia, Barnstead, N.H., Tucson, Ariz. Even though I’m not originally from Syracuse I call it home.”


David Haas

  • Syracuse
  • Artist: Autumn Burns

“The tattoo is a replica of Helen Durney’s original sketch of what would later become Walt Disney’s Dumbo. Drawn in Syracuse on Parkside Avenue in 1938, the piece represents our city’s rich history and an ode to Helen’s contribution to local art.”


Bailey Walts

  • Syracuse
  • Artist: Working Class Tattoo

“I got the Salt City tattoo shortly before I moved away to Utah for school. I simply wanted to represent and carry my home with me. Regardless of our unforgiving winters and terribly nasally accents, I will always hold this tiny city near and dear to my heart.”


Do you have a Syracuse tattoo? Leave a photo of it in the comment section and we may share it on social media!

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