Springtime on Clinton Square: Syracuse Crawfish Festival 2018 (photos)

A man in sunglasses holds a massive tray in two hands, piled high with cooked crawfish.

You can never have too many crawfish.

You can never have too many crawfish. (Dylan Suttles/Syracuse New Times)

When you think of springtime, you’ll usually think of the basics: blue skies, budding flowers and the early buzz of insects getting into their summer routine. But for Syracuse, another creature marks the beginning of the good-weather season. Crawfish. The annual Crawfish and Seafood Festival in downtown Syracuse takes place in the early part of May — this year falling on May 5 — drawing hundreds to Clinton Square to taste test these Lousiana favorites. This year’s festival proved no different.

A photo of a vendor booth at the Crawfish festival. Women sitting at a plastic table under a tent are also selling raffle tickets.

Three women dance at the crawfish festival. Two of them are wearing red hats that look like crabs for the occasion.

A straight-on shot of a yellow and red stripped food stand selling blooming onions.

Two men sit along a curb on Clinton Square. Both have takeout containers of crawfish at their feet and are in the midst of eating them.

An older man and woman sit along the curb at Clinton Square, a plate of crawfish between them to share.

A man stands with his arm around a woman in front of the band stage. The photographer caught them mid dance.

Another pair, a man and woman maybe in their 30s, share crawfish. Discarded bits of shell sit at one end of teh takeout container, while the other is filled with yet uneaten crawfish.

A gloved hand passes a full container of crawfish over to another server. The cooked mudbugs are being shoveled out of a large tray.

A wieshot of Clinton Square. Hundreds of people walk around to different tents to grab some grub.

A tray, about a foot deep, three feet long and two feet wide, is full of crawfish. A server holds a scoop at one side, ready to serve some.

A server carries tall pots of boiling water as he prepares to cook up more crawfish for the hungry crowd.

A close up shot of three tall, metal pots used for boiling crawfish.

A young teen rolls out paper towels as he helps serve customers.

A group shot of a picnic table, where at least three containers of crawfish are spread out in a smorgasbord.

A little girl smiles, holding a red crab hat over her head. Maybe it's new?

A man in sunglasses holds a massive tray in two hands, piled high with cooked crawfish.

Two men were able to grab seats on a park bench, using it as both a chair and a table for their food.

A line of for sit along a curb eating, while the festival masses can be see behind them.

A close-up shot of three bottles of Trappey's Louisiana hot sauce. For some, the creole seasoning isn't enough heat.

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