New Podcast Launch: “The Next Best Thing”

Listen to an interview with Michael Amadori of Full Circle Feed

At long last, the day has arrived. The first Syracuse New Times tech/startup podcast is here!

After partnering with Venturetechnica, Joe Cunningham, our tech writer, in collaboration with Ty Marshal, Digital Media Manager at the New Times, the show went through a few months of development and pre-recording.

In this inaugural podcast, Joe Cunningham speaks with Michael Amadori of Full Circle Feed.


The overall goal was to create an interesting podcast that could be universally listened to by entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, as well as the average Joe. The subtitle, “Stories about Innovation” gave us a “big tent” under which we can focus on tech issues and topics but also cover local startup companies and entrepreneurs, incubators and innovators of all kinds – to find out what moves them, inspires them, and the practical means that help them get from “A” to “B” and zero to one.

It’s a work in progress and after recording four shows and booking many more, we can already see the electric enthusiasm we’ve generated covering entrepreneurship and tech and will be able to reach more people via this new and growing medium – podcasting.

We are proud as well to have Tony Kershaw and Sarah Roche joining us to talk about tech news on our “Tech Pulse,” during the second part of our show.

Special thanks to Morgan Jenkins and Matt Masur at Venturetechnica for producing the show. Thank you Mike Brindisi and The New York Rock for our music and all our friends and entrepreneurs who made this show possible – especially this week, Michael Amadori, CEO of Full Circle Feed, whose story continues here today from our Tuesday Tech article.

We are still looking for sponsors! Please contact Michelle Bowers at the New Times at [email protected] / 315-422-7011 ext. 114 for more info.

Tune in here each week for each new show, but also subscribe to “The Next Best Thing” on iTunes and Google Play, and please review our show there and share with friends on social media. We look forward to your feedback and comments. Feel free to comment below via Facebook and also email Joe Cunningham, the show’s host, at [email protected].

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