Negotiating Reality

Negotiating Reality: Adventures in 3D at the Fayetteville Free Library

There’s a lot going on at the Fayetteville Free Library

I recently discovered some incredible things in 3D at the Fayetteville Free Library, starting with a bunch of fully dressed, animated 3D people talking away at the 7:30 am Social Media Breakfast Syracuse monthly meeting, which was held there last month.

The library even provided breakfast (and more importantly to me at least, coffee). The meetings, open to the public, are frequently held in a lecture format, but this month there were discussion groups led by subject experts at different tables.  Groups on subjects including Pinterest, blogging, LinkedIn and social media basics formed and reformed over the course of an hour and a half. I learned a lot at the blogging group facilitated by Renee Benda and the LinkedIn group led by Anne Messenger and met some interesting, new people.

After the meeting, the library staff encouraged us to visit the “Fab Lab.” I did. It’s a “fab” place with a 3D printer, where children and adults are encouraged to use the 3D printer to create the object of their dreams.  Classes are free.

One young child created his own cellphone case. And the lab does more than print 3D objects.  Another child learned how to insert himself into the Minecraft game. There are also kits and classes for creating all kinds of things, including working with fabric, computer circuits, knitting and baking kits to borrow, and many other wonders.  And you can schedule a 45-minute private session with a librarian to learn all about the “Fab Lab” or anything else the library has to offer.

If you want a change from the “Fab Lab,” you can go to the “Digital Lab,” to use the digital equipment to make other kinds of creations, then pick up a book and stop for a coffee or even lunch at the Café 300.  There’s a lot going on at the Fayetteville Free Library.  If you stop by, you can discover it.

Nina Housman is a blogger and consultant specializing in writing/editing, training and intercultural communication.  Email her at [email protected].

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