Fresh Music Friday: Daniel Bachman

Fresh Music Friday

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Now on his seventh album, Daniel Bachman doesn’t sing and he has no backup band. He doesn’t need it. He’s a solo guitar picker who has been at it since his teenage years. Bachman, a Virginia native now 26 years old, continues the tradition of solo guitar picking and has a growing catalog of songs to prove it. Leading with a folksy-blues style, Bachman may not sing, but he speaks volumes with his meditative, acoustic undulations.

Take a listen to “Pig Iron” below:

Daniel Bachman – Pig Iron from Jesse Sheppard on Vimeo.

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Fresh Music Friday is a weekly series designed to widen your musical horizons, and to give you a taste of artists and music styles to explore further. While some of the artists featured here may not be “new,” they promise to freshen your catalog of music.

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